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Apple eyes two bigger displays

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

The company will reportedly offer a device with a screen size larger than 4.5 inches and another over 5 inches.
Another day, another rumor that Apple plans on launching two iPhones this summer featuring bigger screens.
This time around, The Wall Street Journal is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the company's plans, that Apple will launch one iPhone with a screen size bigger than 4.5 inches and another boasting a display in excess of 5 inches.

Network Infrastructure Services That Every Small Business Needs

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

The health of a company's network infrastructure defines its health as a business. With so much riding on the capability of its IT system, a business can ill afford to have a system that hampers productivity, keeps hardware maintenance costs needlessly high, and leaves the system vulnerable to attack. Theses concerns are especially poignant for small businesses that lack the capital and resilient customer base to easily recover from a network infrastructure disaster. With this in mind, below are four network infrastructure services that small businesses should implement.

AT&T’s Sponsored Data Raises Big Concerns For Consumers and Content Providers

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

Though it was easy to miss among the flood of CES coverage this week, AT&T has announced a plan to capture new revenue from its data network. Called "Sponsored Data," the plan would see AT&T charging mobile content providers for AT&T subscribers’ data usage. In other words, Netflix or Facebook could pay AT&T for its customers to access their mobile services without it counting against their monthly data caps.

Intel renames its McAfee security brand

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

Intel is distancing itself from the name of its top security product, McAfee, after years of having its name dragged through the mud thanks to the misadventures of its founder, John McAfee.