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You might soon be allowed to make cell phone calls while flying, but prepare to pay extra for it.

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

Keeping customers connected to mobile networks in-flight would be a major opportunity for U.S. carriers -- potentially worth $2.4 billion plus a year, according to Akshay Sharma, a wireless network analyst at Gartner.

Now that the federal government is considering an end to its in-flight phone call ban, these companies might finally have a chance to dip into untapped potential revenue.

1 million PlayStation 4's sold in first 24 hours

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

Over 1 million PlayStation 4's were sold in the first 24 hours after the game console went on sale early Friday, Sony said.

The game system is Sony's first in seven years and includes new social features, streaming video apps and a touch pad on the controller. It is compatible with about 20 games, but the catalog is expected to expand by the end of the year.

It's one of two hot game systems going head-to-head this holiday season. Microsoft's Xbox One goes on sale this coming Friday.

Sony says it expects to sell 5 million PlayStation 4's by the end of March and analysts expect demand will outpace the supply through Christmas.

For more information on this article: http://money.cnn.com/2013/11/17/technology/playstation-4-one-million/index.html

Google patenting an electronic 'throat tattoo

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

It looks like Google Glass was just the beginning. Google now appears to be aiming a few inches lower, working on a temporary electronic tattoo that would stick to the user's throat.

Electric car burst into flames in Smyrna

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

A Tesla Model S electric car caught fire this week after hitting road debris on Interstate 24 in Smyrna, the third fire in a Model S in the past five weeks.