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Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

There is a new computer virus, called Crypto Locker, going around that is infecting workstations, servers and network folders.  Even with antivirus software in place, it is still hitting many small business customers across the US.  This virus infects a PC, server or network by a user simply opening a deceptive email attachment that is actually the virus or through attacks that utilize and exploit older vulnerable versions of Java via internet downloads.

Facebook playing with fire by policing beheading videos

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

Facebook temporarily banned graphic, violent content from its site back in May, when clips including a particular video of a woman being beheaded were spreading across the site. That video resurfaced recently after Facebook quietly lifted the ban on graphic videos, and it once again caused a stir.

Nokia gets into the tablet game

Written by Misty Lane. Posted in LCS Blog

Nokia is getting into the tablet business. The company announced a new 10-inch tablet called the Lumia 2520 on Tuesday at a press event in Abu Dhabi. The Windows RT device is Nokia's first full-sized tablet.