Backup, Disaster & Recovery - We've Got Your Back!

Are you still backing up to tapes, USB hard drives or thumb drives?  We all get busy with life and work but every now and then that little voice in the back of our heads whispers, "Is all of my critical information being backed-up like it should each day?" or "I wonder how accurate my back-up information really is?"

We can answer these nerve-racking questions and put a plan in place that ensures your valuable data is being backed-up offsite.

Have you ever had a hard drive fail on your business or home PC with no hope of recovering the data? It happens more than we'd all like to admit. We have good intentions of putting a backup solution in place but days turn to weeks, weeks to months and before long we forget entirely about the need until disaster strikes and we're left with nothing but lost data and guilt about not having planned better.

Logical Computer Solutions knows and understands the importance of having your critical business files, school projects, precious photo memories, music, and more backed-up on a daily basis. We offer several robust and affordable BDR solutions to ensure our business and home users have the backup protection they need.

LCS offers several robust off-site backup solutions for business & non-profits. We have partnered with Barracuda Networks and Carbonite for Small Business to bring some of the most affordable solutions available on the market. With secure off-site backup you can have the peace of mind of responsible business contingency planning.

Barracuda Backup Service

Barracuda Backup Service is a complete and affordable data backup solution. The Barracuda Backup Server provides a full local data backup and is combined with a storage subscription to replicate data to two offsite locations. This approach provides the best of both worlds - onsite backups for fast restore times and secure, offsite storage for disaster recovery. Block level deduplication is applied inline to reduce traditional backup storage requirements by 20 to 50 times while also reducing backup windows and bandwidth requirements.

Barracuda Backup Subscription plans provide diverse offsite storage at affordable monthly fees that scale to meet increasing data requirements.

The Barracuda Backup Service combines automatic local data backup via the Barracuda Backup Server with secure online backup to two redundant data centers in separate geographic locations. The Barracuda Backup Service copies data from any computer or storage platform and provides fast local storage and restores. The Barracuda Backup Service safely maintains backup data offsite using efficient replication techniques designed to conserve bandwidth and minimize the cost of disaster recovery.

Click below for more information on our Barracuda Backup Service options:

Barracuda Datasheet

Carbonite for Small Business

Carbonite for Small Business is an online backup service that ensures that if your computer files are lost or stolen, you can get them back. The Administrator Dashboard makes it easy to make certain that all of your computers are backed up. At the heart of the Carbonite for Small Business system is a web-based dashboard. It makes managing the system extremely easy. And it lets you see important information, like the backup status of every computer, how much data is backed up and which users are not backed up.

Get started fast: Installing Carbonite for Small Business is about as easy as it gets. Using the automatic invitation feature, you invite users to join in and they simply click through the email to install the application.

Your Security - Carbonite's priority: You don't need to know about Blowfish and DES III encryption. We use the same methods used in online banking to encrypt your files before they are copied to our servers and then transmit them over encrypted lines. They remain encrypted at our secure data centers, so no one else can see them.

Back it Up - Get it back: A backup system is only as good as how well it recovers your files. With Carbonite Pro users can let the software automatically back up files or manually choose what files get backed up. There's no time lost because you can still use your computers during the process. When disaster strikes, and files are lost or damaged, the Restore Wizard guides you step-by-step to recover them. Plus, you can still use your computers during recovery.

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