Networking & Security

A secure and protected network is critical in today's modern world of high-speed internet connections, rampant spyware infections, malware, etc. Logical Computer Solutions specializes in helping our clients find the most affordable options when it comes to networking & security appliances and software.

Knowing the state of your network security is crucial to the protection of your confidential information, financial records, business plans and more. It is important to ensure your protected from the thousands of threats that exist on the internet today. Guessing that your protected isn't good enough - you must take proactive steps to ensure you have adequate solutions in place. We can take care of that need for you.

We research, test and carry the latest in security technology to help keep your network safe and sound. Our product line includes Barracuda Networks, WatchGuard, Cisco, Symantec, TrendMicro, Securence and more. We can help find the perfect solution for your budget without compromising on the level of quality protection you need and deserve.

Would you like a free network evaluation? Call us today at 615-327-8475, 615-446-9140 or toll free 866-72LOGIC for more information. You can also submit a request for more information by clicking the Contact link.